Sunday, August 17, 2008

More Olympics

I wasn't sure if I wanted Michael Phelps to break Mark Spitz's medal record or not. Phelps is from Maryland; Spitz is a Jew. Maryland vs. Jew, that's a tough one. My brother had a good point though. He said it wasn't a question of Maryland vs Jew, but of seeing the record broken vs. not seeing it. Plus, in two of Phelps' relay races, he was helped by Jewish teammate Jason Lezak. Ok, that sealed it. I'm glad he broke the record.

I was watching the women's weightlifting, specifically the super heavyweight's clean and jerk. Just from my own experience, I think they have that backwards. I'd love to get an up-close and personal viewto watch that Ukrainian woman jerk, I'd even let her clean, but not before I get to see her snatch.

Weightlifting is dirty. Racewalking shouldn't be an Olympic sport. Running is faster than walking, so it doesn't make sense that there's a sport where you're racing, but aren't allowed to move as fast as you can. The same is true with the various swimming strokes. Every race should be "freestyle." if you can swim faster using a butterfly stroke than any other stroke, by all means use it, but there shouldn't be any restrictions slowing you down.

Also, there should be any sports in the Olympics where the score is solely determined by judges. I like gymnastics, but it's not really a sport. It's more like a competitive circus performance. I hate the diving for some reason. I don't like that the winner of the trampoline competition gets a gold medal, but the fourth place finisher of the marathon gets nothing. Something doesn't seem right about that.

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