Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Game 6 - Why Even Show Up?

The Celtics had a 4 points lead after the first quarter. The game would not be competitive again. Boston had a 23-point lead heading into halftime. There would be no dramatic turn around this time. The lead extended to 30 points in the third. The Celtics scored 42 points in the fourth quarter and won by 39, 131-92. The Celtics scored 107 points in the final three quarters of the season.

But the story of the game was the complete lack of heart showed by the Lakers. They had less heart than when Robert Mugabe declares that he will never let the MDC rule Zimbabwe. As an NBA fan, it was embarrassing to watch. It's a long regular season, so you have to give up early on a game every now and again, but this was Game 6 of the NBA Finals. Flat out, the Lakers quit. Only Kobe Bryant even tried. He scored 22, but had yet another poor shooting night, going 7-22 from the field. The Celtics destroyed the Lakers so thoroughly, you wonder if the Lakers are going to fold as a franchise after this. How can they possibly show their faces in public again?

The Lakers team has 2 offensive rebounds. Four Celtics players had at least as many, including Rondo, Perkins, and Glen Davis, who played for the first time in the series. Rondo had 21 points on an astronomical 20 shots, but he 8 assists, 7 rebounds, and 6 steals. Perkins played despite a shoulder injury and was a force in the pain on both sides of the court. Posey had 11 points, House had 9, and Powe had 8. But the real story was the Big 3. Pierce struggled shooting, but scored 17 points and more importantly added 10 assists, 9 in the first half. Ray Allen hit 7 threes and accounted for 26 points. Kevin Garnett also had 26 points and grabbed 14 rebounds.

Boston won their 17th championship. But it leaves an empty feeling, because the team is stacked with new players. The Celtics didn't buy their championship, but took advantage of two team going through fire sales. Boston didn't work their way through playoff tragedies year after year, the way past champions seem to have earned it. But there's no denying that they were the best team this season. Red Auerbach would be proud.

2008 NBA Finals
MVP - Bos Paul Pierce
Unsung Hero Award - Bos James Posey
Gutcheck Award - Bos Ray Allen

2007-2008 All NBA H-duk Team
C Dwight Howard Orl (1st)
F Kevin Garnett Bos (5th)
F LeBron James Cle (3rd)
G Kobe Bryant LAL (3rd) * MVP
G Chris Paul NO (1st)

I forgot to put up 2006-2007
C Tim Duncan SA (5th)
F Dirk Nowitzki Dal (2nd) * MVP
F LeBron James Cle (2nd)
G Kobe Bryant LAL (2nd)
G Steve Nash Phx (3rd)

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