Saturday, June 14, 2008

Colonialism in Zimbabwe?

Robert Mugabe consistently calls the MDC and Morgan Tsvangirai "colonial stooges." He says that the MDC will restore colonialism in Zimbabwe. The Western media feeds Mugabe's spurious accusations by painting him as a madman instead of thoughtfully discussing his mistakes. Of course, Mugabe's charge is ridiculous, as it conveniently ignores the MDC's origins in the ZCTU and the NCA.

In fact Mugabe's ZANU-PF party has essentially just taken over the role of Ian Smith's Rhodesian Front. It would be crude to say that Mugabe is his generation's Ian Smith, but the way his party has attempted to become synonymous with the state harbors back to colonial days. There was no drastic change in how the government related to the people following independence. The only difference was the racial composition of the members. But the colonial system is still in place. There is still no majority rule. Similar to Smith, Mugabe takes repressive actions against all dissent, particularly when he feels that his party is threatened. That is so because, like Smith, Mugabe feels that his party is the state, so ZANU-PF must be saved for the sake of Zimbabwe.

But that is a very technical argument for why Mugabe is actually the colonial leader and not Tsvangirai. Here's another strategy. I am an American and I fully support Robert Mugabe and his bloody campaign to maintain power. The MDC has consistently stolen ZANU-PF bullets with their chests and hid them there. They've stolen fire from ZANU-PF with their live bodies. After ZANU-PF members kill those of the MDC, they make the ZANU-PF killers feel guilty and those deaths will haunt the murderers for the rest of their lives.

How would you like it if you shot someone and they wouldn't give you the bullet back, but instead, died, making you feel even worse? Listen MDC, play fair. If not, Western countries will have to step in on behalf of Robert Mugabe and stop your thievery and feelings-hurting. The West loves and supports Robert Mugabe.

He's the true colonial stooge.

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