Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Chanukkah Done

Tonight was the final night of Chanukkah. I always love seeing the bright glow emanating from the festival of lights. It's wonderful to see the sparkling Santas, the herd of lit deer, and those elaborate snow globe things. I love the irony that the holiday dedicated to the miracle of oil lasting a little longer than they thought it would is celebrated with lavish lights in a world with an energy problem. They honor the holiday hoping for the same miracle. It's cute. I have respect for Christmas too. I understand it's more low-key because it's all about giving and humility, so they have those small 9-bit candleholders. I like it; it fits.

I'm being told I have that backwards. If that's true, then Christians are humongous hypocrites. I'm now being told that Jesus probably hates you for your wasteful hypocrisy. It's like you're pissing on his grave. The Jews celebrate the "festival of lights" in an understated way. It's almost as if they know better than to throw their religion in people's faces.

I would like to congratulate the two families in my neighborhood that actually kept their menorahs lit in the window for all 8 nights this year. I think it's because Chanukkah came early this year (although on the Jewish calendar, it comes the same time every year. Christmas is late this time around). It's the first time anyone went all 8 nights since the Jew Jamboree of 1993. And it's the first time so many houses went all 8 since the Chanukkah Revival of 1987.

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