Saturday, November 24, 2007

John Edwards - A Closer Look

John Edwards is a former senator from North Carolina and running for the Democratic nomination for president.

Here are some of Edwards' points that I like:
  • Would withdraw all combat troops within 10 months of inauguration
  • Healthcare plan: gov't competes with private insurance companies
  • Universal pre-kindergarten, pay raise for teachers in low-income schools
  • Would reverse NAFTA
  • Against vote naming Iran Revolutionary Guard a terrorist group
  • A path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants

Here are some I don't like:

  • Believes only 50,000 troops should be withdrawn from Iraq now
  • Would only withdraw 50,000 within several months of inauguration
  • Would overhaul No Child Left Behind, no do away with
  • Punish employers for hiring undocumented workers
  • Pro-death penalty
  • Against gay marriage (for civil unions)
  • Wants fencing and increase security on Mexican border

Here are some irrelevant fun facts:

  • Believe or not, it's a wig
  • Won Miss North Carolina 1976
  • Was never an ambulance chaser, he waited near the hospital
  • Has unhealthy obsession with Steven Seagal
  • Is the son of mill worker, and a bad mill worker at that
  • Boxed under the name Pretty Pete McIrish
  • Can't see dead people, but can smell them in his backyard

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