Saturday, November 10, 2007

Blow the Horn

The show Around the Horn on ESPN is terrible. Take four sports writers, have them do yell about things of which they have no idea, and declare a winner. The format isn't horrible, but they have the wrong cast of characters. The four participants are journalists, not analysts. The sports writers try to predict what is going to happen and make sense of what already has, but none of them are qualified to do so.

They scream about different sports topics and they're almost always wrong, but there's no accountability. It's a sad commentary on journalism as a whole. Reporters acting like experts and these so-called experts yelling like Pat Robertson at a gay pride parade. How can people have such righteous indignation for things they know nothing about? Particularly sports writers seem to take such pleasure out of athlete's misfortunes. What about fairness? What about scruples? What about morals? The whole damn system is out of wack! They've taken over how we get information. Even search engines are paid off to put certain links on top. Our minds have been invaded. They've planted their flag in our consciousness. If it was Larry Johnson , they'd fine him $75,000, but they are above the law. We need to question everything. Mental revolution. Fuck Pat Robertson.

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