Tuesday, October 30, 2007

NBA Predictions

Finally. We have the greatest thing humans have ever created back. Basketball.

Atlantic Division
Boston, NEW YORK, New Jersey, Toronto, Philadelphia.
Southeast Division
Orlando, Washington, Miami, Charlotte, Atlanta.
Central Division
Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Indiana, Milwaukee.

Southwest Division
San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, Memphis, New Orleans.
Northwest Division
Utah, Denver, Seattle, Portland, Minnesota.
Pacific Division
Phoenix, Golden State, LA Lakers, LA Clippers, Sacramento.

East (record-wise, the NBA switches the seeding system every year)
Chicago, Detroit, Boston, Cleveland, Orlando, Washington, NEW YORK, New Jersey.
Phoenix, San Antonio, Dallas, Utah, Houston, Denver, Golden State, Memphis.

My friend Mike and I have a bet on who will finish with a better record, Seattle or Portland. I've got Seattle. Bet's off if Durant gets hurt. We bet a Pizzone. If I had to pick, I'd say San Antonio will beat Detroit in the Finals. But really, how can you tell so early, even before they played a game?

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