Thursday, August 16, 2007

Blacks vs Jews, Congress

In this edition of the friendly competition between blacks and Jews, we look at the current United States Congress. Which group is actually secretly running the world?

There are 13 current Jewish US senators and 30 in the House of Representatives. You can count that glorious Jew from Wisconsin, Russ Feingold, among the senators. One of Maryland's senators, be Cardin, is Jewish. Just like many other Jews, Cardin downplayed his Jewishness during his election run, partly because he wanted the gentiles to actually vote for him and partly because he wanted to get away with celebrating Christmas.
There is 1 current black senator. His name is Barack Obama. There are 43 black members in House of Representatives. John Lewis, the great civil rights activist, ranks among them. Elijah Cummings and Al Wynn are from Maryland.

So the score is Blacks 44 Jews 43. But the Jews have a high percentage compared to their population in America.

So the group that secretly runs the Congress and the winner: the Jews.
Overall standings: Blacks 3 Jews 1

That means that there are 14 senators who are either black or Jewish (out of 100) and 73 representatives in the House (out of 435). That's a powerful total of 87 out of 535. It's fairly clear that the white man should tremble at the feet of that clear majority. Especially since blacks and Jews always agree on everything (maybe we should, or better yet, at least work together).

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