Monday, March 27, 2006

By The End

By the end, I had no emotions left. I couldn't cry from joy. But it felt as if someone or something kept grabbing the corners of my mouth and forcing a constant smile. My heart had wings. I walked on marshmallow clouds. My wildest dreams had come true. And yet somehow, I knew it would happen. I could not envision us winning enough to make the Final Four, but more poignantly I could not see us losing either. I still can't. You wouldn't understand unless you experienced it. My school snuck into the dance and stole the ball. Wake up the spirits of those that cannot believe, and tell them they will not forget, George Mason has made the Final Four.

Patriot Center scoreboard

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DCNats said...

My god! You sum it up perfectly, I couldn't envision George Mason winning enough to the final four, but I couldn't envision them losing either... and I still can't.