Saturday, September 10, 2005

Black People

There has been some talk about the fact that the federal government's response was slow because many of those Americans stranded in New Orleans were poor and black. Fucking right!

The United States of America was founded on racism. Racism is in this country's soul. From slavery, to Jim Crow, to, now, colorblindness. Now racism takes its shape primarily from people who consider us "all humans" and claim that race doesn't matter. Well, (to use a patrilinear example) if your great grandfather was a slave, your grandfather was a sharecropper, your father did some menial labor job, and now your only chance at college is a scholarship from an under-funded high school, perhaps race does matter. That's only one type of racism. But I don't have the space or energy to argue other ways that black people do not actually have an equal opportunity in America (news flash).

The fact of the matter is that the Bush administration and at least the three before him, do and did not care about poor people at all. Reagan himself was especially hostile to black people in particular, starting his presidential campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi, a small town where three civil rights workers were murdered a bit more than a decade before. He preached about returning to American values (racism, exploitation, etc.).

There is no doubt that had rich white people been affected by the hurricane that the government would have rushed to save them. They did. The French quarter was evacuated well before the poorer areas of New Orleans.

Certainly there are a whole fuck-load of people to blame. Barbara Bush called this disaster a good thing, because the Astrodome was better than where its new inhabitants lived in New Orleans. Fuck you Barbara. But let's play the "blame game" for real. George W. Bush is to blame.

Where were the soldiers to help these people? Dying in some fucking foreign country from a war that Bush started. Why? Because of September 11? That was simply an excuse. But we were all too dumb to realize that. Instead, we were all behind Bush for some reason. A horrible tragedy happens on the leader's watch and the leader is praised? There's no fucking logic to it. He fucked up then, even worse than he did after the hurricane.

Kanye West said that George Bush doesn't care about black people. I say, say what you want to say. Nobody says what they feel anymore in the public eye. It's about fucking time.
Bush has ruined this country. September 11 attacks, two disastrous wars, unemployment, restriction of rights, and even the gas prices are three times as high as five years ago (the last straw!). In the words of Blueprint, "...I hate the president. What kind of world are we living in, when you killed Martin and Malcolm, but you let this coward live?"

Now, to quote Chuck D, "I ain't calling for no assassination, I'm just saying who voted for this asshole of the nation?" Did he really win because of so-called morale values? He snorted cocaine for fuck-sake! Did he win because he could lead the war on terror? Two disastrous wars! Two! He skipped out of the National Guard, and was a miserable businessman. How does that qualify a person to lead anything, except for maybe a cocaine party?

Plus, nepotism got us into this mess. Forget that he's the son of another incompetent president, he put his buddies in positions such as the director of FEMA. The audacity of him. He's been playing on the country's stupidity from the beginning and we're all too proud to accept that fact. So, whatever percent keeps supporting him. Congress hardly puts up a fight, and Neil Bush will be the next Supreme Court Justice. Either him or that guy who called the Geneva Convention on human rights "obsolete." What is he again? Oh right, the attorney general of the Untied States of America. I wonder how many black people died in the Gulf coast since I started writing this?

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